February HIPPY Meeting

Feb 23rd, 2012 | By admin | Category: Education

The HIPPY program held its monthly meeting, Monday, February 13th at the First United Methodist Church of Beebe. The Topics of the meeting were Container Gardening and Nutrition. The children were given facts about each topic, they were introduced to two new vocabulary words,” embryo and germinate”. Later they were asked it they remembered their new words and their meanings. Afterwards, the children were dismissed to story time where they were read, “Growing vegetable soup” and  “Sunflower Surprise.” Next the Children participated in a game called musical Fruits and Vegetables. The chairs were labeled with pictures of different fruits and vegetables. When the music stopped they had to decide if they were setting in a chair that was a fruit or vegetable. The Children and parents were asked to gather around for music time. They were taught songs about planting seeds. For the tasting activity the children made worms in dirt. They used different objects to crush graham crackers to make the dirt, and then added gummy worms in their graham cracker mixture. They also, had a math activity counting hearts. There were also puzzles centers provided. Those in attendance were Eve Jones, Tommy Boyce, Lily Hines, Kaleese Smith, Summer Brockinton, Addison Bryles, Ava Miller, Abby Davidson. Kylee Dismang, Hailey Shellenbarger, Hannah Beaher, Tate Landers, Gavin Johnson, Kaden Herr, Anthony O’rourke, Kayee O’rourke, Charlie Smith, Luke Duncan, Krma Young, Alexia Landcaster, Hunter Weeks, Alexis Boatman, Ethan Lentz, Alliaon Tounzen, Adam Tounzen. Lisa Dugger, Debi Tounzen, Kim Sandlin, and Sherry Evans would like to thank the parents for their attendance, our childcare providers and the First United Methodist Church for the use of their facilities and cooking another wonderful breakfast for everyone.