FSB Teaches Beebe Elementary Students About Savings

Feb 23rd, 2012 | By admin | Category: Education

It is not often that nine- and ten-year-old students take economic responsibility for themselves; however, that is just what the fourth graders at Beebe Elementary School are doing!      On Friday, February, 3, the students began a savings plan to fund a trip to the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock.

In order to save the individual $8.00 fee, students will earn money to be deposited into their individual savings accounts.     Students gathered for an accounting lesson with Clay Goff of First Security Bank.  Each student then created a passbook for recording deposits of their earnings. Daily entries may be made, and students utilize math skills as they calculate their new balance.

There are many learning experiences at the Museum of Discovery in addition to the economics of a savings account.  In the Amazing You exhibit, students will explore how the body does amazing and complex work each and every day. They will learn how healthy choices make healthy bodies as they explore the wonders of Amazing You.

Math is a tool fourth grade students use to describe the quantities, shape, space and patterns they observe in the world around them. Energy exists in many different forms and can be transferred from one form to another.    Discovery Hall asks the questions and shapes the answers to students’ questions about math and their surrounding world.

Fourth grade geography will be incorporated into the visit, as well. The geographic features that make The Natural State unique will be explored as students walk over a large satellite-photo map that highlights the state’s major cities and geographic features. Extreme weather is common to Arkansas and is a growing problem associated with global climate change. Students will learn about tornado activity in Arkansas.

The Beebe fourth graders will surely experience the wonders of math, science, and geography at the Museum of Discovery. They may also take pride in the knowledge they did it in a responsible way- they earned it.