What’s Left?

Jan 26th, 2012 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

Having many cats, as I do, it always amazes me when one “shines” above the others with a certain personality trait. A cat that I’m thinking about is named Herman. He came to me after several consecutive nights of me feeding him outside and then he would go off somewhere. I presumed he was going back to his house. Then, the next night, it was raining and I saw Herman sitting across the road from my house, below a tree, soaking wet. He was just sitting there waiting for me to put food out. So, then I decided I would see if he wanted to stay at our house. I tried to put him in with my many cats in the “exercise” room - but he would have no part of it. He howled and howled his displeasure. The other cats were not bothering him - but he was definitely not happy there. So, I put him in with my smaller group - the ones that stay in my bedroom. He was happy there and immediately became best buddies with every cat in there. The reason I’m writing about him is that he is my only cat that will and can get along with any cat. He adjusts. If he is around one of my more aggressive cats, Herman acts silly and keeps his distance but will play with that cat if that cat wants to play. With the other playful cats, Herman will play incessantly. He is probably two or three years old, black and white, and looks in the face as if God really does have a sense of humor. Herman has very weird, comical markings on his face. When you look at him, you just know he is a friendly, fun cat - and that is the case. But knowing Herman - and watching him for the past year - it is like a life lesson. Watching how he maneuvers around a difficult cat and then finally gets them to play with him. How he moves from one part of the bed to another to allow a fussy cat to lay in their preferred place rather than causing an uproar. Don’t get me wrong - Herman is not afraid of any of the cats but he is just a peace-loving cat. That is a wonderful thing to see. Now, even though he came to me from the outdoors, he does not want to go back outside. He loves to go on the screened in porch with his bedroom buddies - and he gets to go out about twice a day when the weather is nice - but he knows of the dangers of being an outside cat and doesn’t want any part of it.  It’s really fun to have the various personalities in cats - that I have. I’m sure if you are a cat owner, you would agree that your own cat has the most unique personality. I know they all do - if you get to know them well enough. Some of them aren’t that easy to get to know. They tend to be aloof - and Herman is no different. He doesn’t want me to hold him or pet him unless it just suits his mood at the moment. I think I’ve even written about Herman before in one of my columns - and if I have - forgive me - but he deserves at least two columns because he is such a sweet cat.

Hope you are having a good week! Go to your happy place.

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