What’s Left?

Jan 19th, 2012 | By admin | Category: Opinion

Oh, what fun it is to be an editor/publisher (as witnessed by the letter and response below). Yes, I did choose this profession but I can tell you like anyone who works with the public on a regular basis - it can get to you some days. And, as I get older and other aging issues start taking your time and energy - it sure does wear on you to deal with issues you feel strongly about.
I do believe in freedom of speech! I believe that is what makes our country so much better than other countries but you must know that there is a cost for that freedom. Many people - military and others -  have given their lives so you can say what you want. I realize that animal issues are sort of an igniting topic with me but I do believe in basic human rights - here in Beebe and all over the globe. So, I am not one of those people that say, “Animals first - people second.”  And I think if you’ve ever read the history of prisoners and what got them to prison you will see that many of them had a life of abusing animals before they started abusing humans. It is an indicator of problems and professional help should be sought before anything else happens.
Now most of you probably think that the blackbirds are a nuisance - and I agree to some extent - but to kill them in any manner that suits your fancy is just wrong. I can see it no other way. Like I say in my response below - this is a phenomenon of nature and if you haven’t driven out to the Windwood subdivision around sunset, you have missed a spectacular show of blackbirds coming in to roost. It appears to be a tornado of birds. Really remarkable!  Most of them will continue their migration in the spring - so this will not last much longer - and maybe never happen again since their roosting area is now being disturbed by construction.
Please, imagine that you wake up tomorrow morning and lo and behold - you are a blackbird in Beebe. I bet you are now hoping people will be kind.

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