What’s Left?

Nov 23rd, 2011 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

The football Badgers have now finished their 2011 season and they gave us lots to enjoy! As they say, “Thanks for the memories!” You guys did a great job! Now on to basketball. Speaking of basketball, I believe that of all the sports that I am vaguely familiar with - the one in which you have to be the best athlete on a day-to-day basis is basketball. Think about it, you have to run up and down the court, move quickly from side to side, backwards, pass over your head, dunk, etc. You have to be in good shape to play singles tennis but basketball on a per-minute basis probably burns more calories and requires more coordination. Thats just my opinion. I’ve never read an analysis of the various sports to see which one is voted most strenuous and requiring the most agility and endurance. Let’s go basketball Badgers!!!!

Thanksgiving! Are you ready! I’m not really but it is one of my favorite holidays. Afterall, being thankful is one of the best practices you can have. It makes you happier with yourself and with your life situation. It is imperative to have a happy life. We can all improve at it and it’s best to start the day with saying a little prayer of thanks for your blessings and ending your day with thanks for all those blessings of loved ones, health - no matter what degree of health you have - there are always those in worse shape; and thanks for your faith. I hope that no matter what you do or where you go, you will have the best Thanksgiving ever. If you wake up that morning and tell yourself that, I feel sure it will happen. Then Friday when you get up, you say, “Thank you for the great Thanksgiving and a special thanks for the win over LSU!!!” It should be one heck of a game.

This week we lost another one of our long-time Beebe residents that I’ve known since my son was a little boy. Pat Hefner was the operator of a day-care center at the time my 3-yr.-old son had to attend for awhile. Pat made it easy for me to take my son to day-care. I knew he would be cared for just like a member of her family. He loved her and was never reluctant to go because he knew Pat would take care of him. Over the years, as my son grew up, he always remembered Pat and how she had treated him so well. Pat always asked about my son and still cared about him. She was a wonderful mother, grandmother, wife, friend and member of our community. We will miss her.  We pray for her family to have peace.

Go to your happy place. See you next week!