What’s Left?

Oct 21st, 2011 | By admin | Category: Opinion

Well, I made it back from my vacation to Gulf Shores, AL  Sunday. We left on Thursday - travelled all day - arrived there about 6:30 p.m. We rode the ferry from Dauphin Island to Ft. Morgan - where we had rented a house. We had to do that so we could take my mom’s little dog, Lil. It was a great vacation. Perfect weather and a great beach house. One thing I did know before we went but didn’t think would matter was that they were having the 40th annual National Shrimp Festival. That brought in about an extra 50 thousand people to the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area. So, we really couldn’t go to some of the eating places we would have gone because the traffic was so bad. But, as it turns out, we were staying out at Ft. Morgan - about 19 miles from Gulf Shores - right on the beach - and it wasn’t very crowded out that far. So, it worked out fine. We found a good place to eat right across the street from us just as we were leaving - Tacky Jack’s Tavern and Marina. There were a ton of people coming there to eat the night before we left. We were over there primarily to take some sunset pictures and get a t-shirt or hat. It looked like it had good food and especially a good breakfast. The ocean was very calm while we were there but the morning we left you could see some small waves coming in. My main deal with the ocean (beach) is just hearing the waves, looking out on the horizon, etc. When I’m at the beach - I’m happy. Our house was a two story on stilts so stair-wise it was like being in a 3-story house. Our legs got lots of exercise there and on the beach. All in all - I would recommend going if you’re a beach person and since this was the first time we haven’t stayed in a high-rise (Seachase), I can say it was a good experience - especially if we had about 10 or more people with us - which we didn’t. The houses are great if you have a large group. And I would recommend Ft. Morgan because it’s not too far to drive in to Gulf Shores and it has grown up so much around there that it is much more crowded than it used to be.
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