What’s Left?

Sep 1st, 2011 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

We have six new additions to our news office “staff” - a mamma cat and five baby kittens. Four of them are calico - so, therefore are female  and one is a little gray/brown stripe boy. They are so cute. They have just opened their eyes. One of the calico kittens has scoliosis. Rare in cats so I’m told. I hope that it will be OK as it grows. We’ll see.  It’s hard to work when you have kittens in the other room. All I want to do is go watch them play. They are so playful right now. I’m sorry for the mom. She is so young. Nature is so cruel. She was too young to have kittens. And, before too long - I’ll have to have her spayed to keep from having anymore kittens. If everyone would do that, there would be no kittens being put down in shelters.  And being put down in a shelter is not the worst part of it. Being on the streets - sick, looking for food - that is the worst. Please! Spay and neuter your animals!

We have a 1-cent sales tax issue coming up on Sept. 13th. On the surface, I’m sure most of you, myself included, think - “I’m not voting for any sales tax increase!” But, if you look a little deeper, you can see that the various cities in the county will stand to get quite a bit of money over this 21-month (less than 2 years) period. Our mayor, Mike Robertson, has already said that the estimated $1,689,570 will be used strictly for roads. We desperately need that. If you drive around the city you can see that streets are cracking and in need of major repairs. They will  only get worse and the city DOES NOT have the money to do any major repairs. Our tax revenues have gone down over the past couple of years. We need this shot in the arm where the state will be providing $54 million for a total of $60 million to be used on a Hwy. 13 Extension Project (Bypass). Sure - we in Beebe may not be too concerned whether that ever happens - but this tax increase of one-cent will  allow our city to spend scare resources on other things and use mostly state money for our street repair. The tax would run from Jan. 2012 until Sept. 2013. No one wants to pay more taxes - but sometimes it just makes common sense. That is why our mayor and city council have endorsed it. Please vote to help our city on Sept. 13th.

Go to your happy place.

See you next week! Go Badgers!