What’s Left?

Jul 21st, 2011 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

Last Saturday, my mom and I met my brother and sister-in-law for dinner at Brave New Restaurant in Little Rock. My brother was nice enough to buy our dinner and we had such a great time just visiting with each other and enjoying a great meal. If you’ve never eaten there, it’s located on the Ark. river off Cottondale Lane. You’ve probably seen chef/owner Peter Brave on Channel 7 some mornings cooking one of his specialties. Anyway, the reason I mention this is just to state that if you like to eat fish - and I do if it is cooked and seasoned correctly, you will love any of Peter Brave’s specials on a given day. I’ve eaten there about 10-14 times and had their Walleye that is flown in from Lake Superior and it is so good. But, everything I’ve ever had there is really good. So, I just wanted to recommend that to those of you who venture out and haven’t been there yet. It’s moderately priced. For the hours, etc., check out their website.
And a correction on something I told you a week or so ago about On-Star. They will have them at Best Buy - but they don’t have them yet. One of the guys that works there told me that Sunday when my son and I were there purchasing a new Mac laptop. My old one decided to bite the dust. Well, actually, here is what happened. It had started getting little lines that went across the screen. When I told my son about it, he said, “Oh, that’s not a good sign.”  Anyway, I kept on using it and when the lines would come up I would turn it off and let it cool down and then turn it back on. I’ve had this laptop for over 6 years - which is a very long time for one that is used as much as I use it. Anyway, Sunday afternoon I turned it on and nothing came up on the screen. I took it to the office and hooked it up to the monitor and still - nothing came up. My son believes that the video aspect of it died. (There was a technical term - but I can’t remember what it was.) Anyway, we thought we were going to have to make a quick dash to the Apple Store in Memphis until my son remembered that Best Buy now sells some Macs. As it turned out, they sold the very one I was needing and we just had to drive to No. Little Rock. A far cry better than trying to get to Memphis before 5:30 p.m. Anyway, I had prayed over my computer to start working before we went to Best Buy and it still did not work. While we were gone I left the computer turned on at the office. When we got back I told my son that I wanted to just check on it. So, I moved the mouse and still the screen remained black. So, I unhooked the computer from the monitor and just put my fingers on the pad of the laptop and - low and behold - it started working. Miracle! (I’ve had countless computer miracles- thankfully!) So, my son took my old computer and was easily (for him) able to transfer everything from my old computer to the new one in about 2 hours. Then, the next morning - my old computer said, “OK - there was your miracle - now I’m out of here.” It quit working. But it did stay with us long enough to make the transfer easier - and I’m very thankful for that. So, if you’re ever wondering if something is too silly to pray over - I think nothing is too small to pray over. I’ve done it over and over again and it works! Thank you, God!
I hope you are having a great summer!  Go to your happy place!
See you next week!

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