What’s Left?

Jun 23rd, 2011 | By admin | Category: Opinion

You know how you have certain things that you just don’t like - but you’re still able to see the benefits of it? Well, that is the way I feel about telephones - cell and land line. I know they serve a purpose and are great in emergencies, but I just hate to talk on the phone and hate the way this “bell” (or music if you have a cell phone) goes off and you drop everything and answer this thing and are forced to talk for however long. It’s intrusive and presumptious that no matter who is calling - and I’m not being mean - I just think that phones should have some sort of ability to convey their importance when the “bell” rings. I know you can get personal ring tones for different people and maybe that is the answer. But my favorite thing in the form of new technology is email (and I know that is not really new). I like being able to see it when I am ready - and I do try to keep up with my email even though sometimes on the weekend I let it go for a day. But with email, you pick it up, answer it or discard it at your leisure. That’s the way technology should be - at our command -not commanding us.
I’m just happy that my cats can’t call me on the phone. It would be a constant, “I’m out of tuna! Can you go to the store and bring some home immediately?”  Or they would, as Steve Martin said in one of his comedy routines long ago, as he talked about his cats having access to his credit card, “they’d have about $4,000 worth of cat toys.”   So, things could be worse. I’m just wanting all the new technology to make my life easier and less intrusive. Is that too much to ask? I think not. But with every advance in technology, we give up something to gain something else. You just have to weigh the benefits against the hassle, intrusion or frustration.
Hope you’re having a fun, technology free, relaxing summer!
Go to your happy place.
See you next week!