Letter to the Editor

Feb 3rd, 2011 | By admin | Category: Opinion

Dear Readers:

The 88th General Assembly has been underway for a couple of weeks now, and I am honored to be representing District 49 in the 2011 session.  I want to ensure that you are aware of your options for contacting me with your questions, comments, and concerns about the Bills we are reviewing in the House of Representatives.  You can contact me by one of the following methods:
1)  BY PHONE.  Feel free to call me on my cell phone at (501) 940-5757.  You may also call me on the House of Representatives contact line at (501) 682-6211.  An operator will take down your information and comments, and they will be hand-delivered to me.
2)  BY EMAIL.  My email address is jeremy@growing 49.com.  I usually try to check this email every 30-60 minutes while we are in Session.
You can go to www.arkansashouse.org to get more information on what’s happening at the Capitol and to read proposed bills in their entirety.  As time allows, I also try to update my Facebook page with information on the bills we are discussing.
I value your feedback, and I encourage you to be informed about what is happening in our state legislation.  Thank you for your support.

State Rep. Dist. 49 -Jeremy Gillam