What’s Left? By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher

Dec 9th, 2010 | By admin | Category: Opinion

How’s your December going? Been shopping? Getting in the Christmas spirit?  I’m already thinking about New Year’s resolutions. I know that is weird - but I do it every year and sometimes I keep a few of them. I’m not sharing the ones that I’m contemplating right now - but I will by the end of December. Just a reminder that this is the good time of year to plan on making some positive changes in your life - be it financial, physical, routine, etc.
I was watching television last week and there were several shows that are already showing re-runs. Did they not make enough of the shows thinking they would be cancelled? Or is it always this way and I’ve just not followed a series through to the times when the re-runs start? Anyway - I’m basically ready to stop watching most television and just read or do stuff around the house. Do you realize how much time you spend watching television?  I used to have a rule that I could watch a television show if I was also doing something productive - like ironing, doing my nails or doing some online research, etc. I have fallen off that rule somewhat lately but I’m about ready to get back to that or just drop the television altogether. If you analyze what you really glean from watching television - you’ll probably find that it is very little. That is unless you totally watch PBS, Discovery channel, TLC (the learning channel) or National Geographic. Most of us don’t do just that. Anyway - I’ll let you know how it goes. No matter what I do - it will begin as a New Year’s resolution and start Jan. 1, 2011. Wow, that sounds funny - 2011. We are getting on up there.
My cats are ready for Christmas - or at least Christmas boxes and tissue paper. They are not real happy about the cold weather although most of them only experience it for a few minutes or hours a day - depending on their choice. But they much prefer summer weather - watching the birds and the bugs. They have had a good time watching the leaves fall off the trees. They hunch down, wiggle their bottom and then attack the window as the leaves fall from the trees. It’s funny to watch.
The activities at my house are akin to a cartoon as you watch the cats interact with each other and our new inside dog. There is play fighting, chasing up and down the hall, taking toys away from each other, hiding behind a chair and jumping out at each other. One of the very funny things is when someone rings the doorbell. The dog goes crazy barking and barking and the cats take off down the hall to my bedroom and hide. I guess they are not really the guard cat type - if there is one. But the dog stays right there and barks endlessly. When you open the door you cannot even hear what the person is saying because the dog has turned up the volume and is “protecting the family.” This is good but it does make it necessary to go outside to talk to whomever.
I hope as you enjoy these upcoming holidays you will remember to get an angel off the angel tree or give them a cash donation. There are many children in this city that need your help.

I hope you have a great week and keep holiday stress to a minimum.

Go to your happy place.
See you next week!