What’s Left? By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher

Nov 4th, 2010 | By admin | Category: Opinion

Well - the election is over - mostly. Except for some run-offs in other towns and maybe some legal issues in this town. At any rate - for the most part - it is over for two years. I’m glad and I know the candidates are glad.
Last night (Tuesday - Election Night), I went down, with my sister, to the Gov. Beebe watch party in Little Rock. I’ve never done that before even though I almost did once for then Gov. Clinton. The party last night was fun - but probably was not quite as “happy” since so many Democrats lost in the election Tuesday. Gov. Beebe was the exception. He won handily as I’m sure you know by now.
It was misting rain pretty heavily last night so there were probably about half the people at the party that might normally go - but I’m just speculating since I’ve never gone. The only other thing I’ve been to similar to that is when the Clinton Library was dedicated and there were four presidents there and hundreds of people - and it was misting rain and cold. I had to stay outside for about 3 hours during that event but it was an experience and I’m glad I went. And I’m glad I went last night.
But today (Wednesday), I’m just glad it’s all over. I’m ready to get on with “normal” activities.
Looking at my picture above, I think I need to have another one taken where it doesn’t look like I’m about to drop Simba - even though he does weigh about 20 lbs. and is hard to hold. It’s like holding a fluffy slinky - he just kind of stretches out of your arms. I’ll see what I can do about that.
I hope you have a great week! Go Badgers! Beat Batesville! What a season we’ve had!
Go to your happy place.
See you next week!