What’s Left?

Sep 30th, 2010 | By admin | Category: Opinion

Way to go, Badgers!  Congrats on the win over Paragould - the first conference game! Keep up the good work for this Friday night’s game against Forrest City!  And, congratulations to our 5A State Champion Badger Baseball team - again! Friday night they got their championship rings! That is a great accomplishment!
I’m loving this cooler weather we are experiencing. It really feels like fall - and it is fall. So, that is nice!  Maybe we will stay in these 70-80’s range for the next month or so. That would be nice.
I put my new picture above so you could see my new shorter hair style.  I like it. I know about half of you won’t like it and half of you will. There seems to be people who will always like longer hair no matter what and then there is the other side that only likes short hair. But, I feel I’ve had long hair for many, many years and it’s time for me to go shorter. I’m enjoying it. The picture of my kitty, Simba, shows what he thinks about it. He liked to step on my long hair as he walked across my pillow at night.  But he’ll get used to the new shorter hair. He can still step on it.
How are you liking this political season?  I’m not even going to comment on the local political scene. But the state scene - between Sen. Lincoln and Boozeman. Wow! Those commercials on tv just keep getting stupider (not a real word - I know but it seems to fit with the subject matter) and stupider. I cannot believe that either of the candidates would approve those fishing commercials. They are beyond belief. I know as we get closer to the Nov. 2nd election day, we will be bombarded with more insults to our intelligence. But - we can DVR the shows we want to see and then just fast forward through all the commercials. That is the only way to preserve your sanity.  I do that most of the time anyway but sometimes the commercials are the best part of the entertainment.
If you watched “Hell’s Kitchen” last week, you saw our own, Chef Lewis Curtis, get kicked off. I think he was railroaded but I wouldn’t have wanted to hang around in that atmosphere any longer anyway. I’m sure he learned a lot from the experience but probably is glad that it is over. You can see him at the restaurant Lulav in Little Rock where he is executive chef. I’m still going to watch “Hell’s Kitchen” to see what happens to the rest of the contestants - now that I feel like I know them.

I hope you have a great week!

Go to your happy place.

See you next week!