What’s Left?

Sep 16th, 2010 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane  Editor/Publisher  and  Simba  the late Squeak’s  adoptive baby

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeak’s adoptive baby

This is a busy week here in Beebe and in the county what with Fall Fest here Saturday and the White County Fair going on all this week - through Saturday.  I hope you get to enjoy one or both of these events!  The weather is cooperating and it is supposed to be sunny and somewhat mild - less than 100-degrees is mild now.  But you can tell that fall is in the air. Thank goodness!
I haven’t been to the county fair yet. Well, I was up there Monday night for the fair queen pageant - congrats to Chelsea Mahoney - our new queen. But I didn’t have time to go to the midway or really see that new ride - the Nemesis 360 - for very long. I did take a picture of it and watched as a group of people rode it. It looked like lots of fun. I mostly like to look at all the animals. I love the chickens, miniature horses, pigs, ducks, cows and whatever else they have. That’s what I like to do at the state fair, too, even though I haven’t been to that in several years.  I do hope you get a chance to go to the fair and then save time to come out to Fall Fest on Saturday afternoon and evening. It will be fun!
My cats are sensing the change in seasons. They seem to get rowdy at this time of year. I don’t know why. I guess after surviving the heat of the summer - even though they are in air conditioning unless they choose to go on the screened in porch - they still enjoy the dryer, crisper air.
I hope you are adjusted to the new school year and looking forward to a nice cool fall season!  I know I am!
Go to your happy place!

See you next week!